"The most disruptive communication tool since the invention of the phone."

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The world's fastest communication tool

Blazing fast

  • 20x faster than email
  • 10x faster than instant messaging
  • 3x faster than phone or any video conferencing solution
  • a lot faster than going to your coworker's office

Dead simple

  • No phone numbers
  • No meeting scheduling
  • No calls
  • No ringtones
  • No presence status

Highly efficient

  • Blazing fast + Dead simple = Highly efficient


Helleo is intended for teams needing highly frequent meetings

The phone and related video communication systems are not convenient to communicate with multiple workmates at a time. For highly frequent communications, it's clearly not adapted. Helleo resolves this problem and brings a new way to communicate with your team.

Each member of your team is shown as a realtime blurry video bubble

Can I contact my workmate now?
You can see directly when a collaborator is present or away as if he was working next to you. There is no need of a presence status. Each video bubble is blurred to preserve privacy.

Just push or click bubbles for talk. No calls, no ringtones, no waiting!

Helleo breaks the rules. It's the fastest and simplest video communication tool. Talk to your team members in a fraction of second. Communication simplicity in its purest form!

In a quick glance you know who communicates with who. Easily join an existing conversation

It is as if you were in the same office. Join a conversation without asking permission, with a simple click. It is completely natural and intuitive.

Stay focused on your work while communicating

A Google Chrome extension helps to enter into communication with you without disturbing your work.

Helleo is a pure HTML5 technology. No plugin, no Flash!

Helleo is based on the WebRTC technology initiated by Google. It works in the latest Chrome browser and soon in Firefox and Opera. (Windows, Mac, Linux and Android platforms are supported)


Free for personal use

You can use Helleo with your friends and your family.

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Offer Helleo to your professional team.

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A dedicated Helleo server on your company network.

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What a great new tool, it’s become essential for my team. "

author Dorian Lotthé Marshall CTO - Services Network Security